Welcome to ERC Search, where the heartbeat of our business is the people we serve – and that means you. We proudly stand as a high-touch, people-first, human-centric search firm recognising that your career trajectory is more than a series of steps—it's a strategic ascent.

Here's our unwavering commitment to you:

1. Personalised Human Connection: In a world that can often feel transactional, we promise to keep it personal. Our approach involves understanding your story, aspirations, and unique qualities. Expect a warm and personal connection as we work together to align your professional ambitions with your purpose and values.

2. Transparent and Compassionate Communication: Communication is the cornerstone of any meaningful relationship. We pledge to keep you informed, not just with updates on your applications but with a genuine understanding of your needs. Your journey with us will be marked by transparent, compassionate, and timely communication each step of the way.

3. Tailored Career Guidance: Your career is an individualised journey, and we are here to guide you with a human touch. We are committed to offering bespoke career guidance, ensuring that the opportunities we present are not just professionally enriching but also personally fulfilling.

4. Advocacy and Empathy: We champion your cause. Whether it's negotiating offers, addressing concerns, or providing post-placement support and coaching (via our Transitional Coaching service), we stand with you. Your challenges are our challenges, and we approach them with empathy, understanding, and a determination to find solutions that align with your unique needs.

5. Continuous Partnership and Celebration: Our commitment doesn’t end with a successful placement; it's just the beginning. We're here for the long haul – celebrating your victories, supporting you through challenges, and providing continuous opportunities for growth. Consider us dedicated partners in promoting your ongoing success.

At ERC Search, we think beyond recruitment; we are architects of meaningful connections and catalysts for your professional goals. Welcome to a high-touch, people-first experience that is truly human-centric!

Try taking inspiration from some of our testimonials…

ERC is the most professional recruitment firm I have worked with. As a candidate, it felt like a true partnership. Ed is an exceptional recruiter of immense integrity; he not only came forward with very interesting, unique opportunities but also provided honest, valued advice at each stage of the interview process. Ed was a true pleasure to work with and I could not recommend him or the firm more highly.

Chris Hall - Senior Product Manager, Retail

ERC provided that rare quality - a recruitment firm that actually cares about the type of long-term career and short-term role you are looking for. Not only did they find a fantastic opportunity in an industry that excited me, but they also supported my wider decisions around what steps I might take beyond that. The support and advice provided to me have continued since, and I would actively seek out ERC both for my own career decisions in the future, as well as when looking to find others as part of my current role.

Peter Lindsay - Chief Strategy Officer

"I could not recommend Mark more highly, based on my experience of engaging with him about a potential new role in 2017. Mark was exactly what you would look for in someone who is helping you think about career options - thoughtful, honest and direct, informed and engaged. Most importantly, he didn't over-hype opportunities, apply undue pressure or claim a fit when there wasn't one; he acted as an honest broker, which is all you can ask for. Throughout the process he was positive, upbeat and friendly. All in all, I enjoyed engaging with and getting to know Mark, and would absolutely recommend ERC to others."

Dan Caines - Director in Healthcare Strategy, PwC


We endeavour to bring a sense of adventure as well as ingenuity to helping talented candidates achieve new goals often with exciting results.


We aim to act responsibly in all negotiations, concentrating on regular and informed discourse between candidates and clients, so building closer and long lasting partnerships.


Central to our ethos lies honesty, frankness and integrity. This should lead to the best long term interests and results and in building negotiations to their fullest potential.